Venetian Mirrors, Timeless, Functional Art

Venetian Mirrors are beautiful, timeless and go with any color and style décor. We always seem to have at least a few Venetian Glass Mirrors on hand at Gene’s Trading Post and there is never a lack of interest. The popularity of these beautiful, functional pieces of art have always been steady and started in the 15th century on a tiny island in Venice. The Murano Island was the birthplace and remains the only true location for manufacturing authentic Venetian Mirrors. The glass artisans on this island had multiple secret processes they used to create the combination of milky color and eternal sparkle of the Venetian mirror. The secretary of their craft, combined with the beauty of the mirrors lead to a cultist following. Authentic Venetian Mirrors became favorite collectibles for royal and noble families including King Henry VIII of England and King Francis I in France. To understand the nature of this art, consider in comparison, some Venetian mirrors were a more expensive collectible then a work of art painted by Rafael!

There are many famous installations of Venetian Mirrors, including in the Louvre in Paris and the Mirrors Gallery in Versailles, but you don’t need to travel to Europe to see Venetian style mirrors. Visit Gene’s Trading Post to take in the timeless beauty of Venetian Mirrors and although they are not from the island of Murano in Venice, our Venetian style glass mirrors offer the magnificent glamour and artistry of this timeless classic.