Sellers Kitchen Cabinets

Does the word Hoosier sound familiar? It’s a type of cabinet that was popular in the early 20th century and was used prominently in kitchens throughout America. Before homes were constructed with built-in kitchen cabinets and counter tops, many American families purchased Hoosier cabinets, which typically had a bottom cupboard, a work space and a top cupboard. Often bread boxes, flour sifters, a sugar bin and other special accessories were built into a Hoosier cabinet to help a cook organize their kitchen.

One of the largest manufacturers of these Hoosier cabinets, was Sellers Manufacturing Company which was based in New Castle, Indiana. Using the advertising tagline “The best servant in your House”, Sellers advertised to home owner’s the convenience and organization that a Sellers cabinet would provide. They also distinguished themselves from other Hoosier cabinet manufacturers by providing multiple finish colors and trim options, allowing people to design their cabinet to fit their style and décor.

At Gene’s Trading Post, we see these Sellers cabinets occasionally and they can vary in size and color. This very large Sellers cabinet was brought to us recently and is such a rare find. This was the largest Sellers Cabinet in the 1939 catalog and came in 8 different finish options with all the bells and whistle accessories available! A recipe card drawer, anti-proof casters, meat grinder, ventilated bread box, built in flour sifter and conversion charts for various measurements made this particular model very high end and only available to people with large homes to fit such an extensive cabinet. We also have smaller Sellers cabinets, like this one here, which is a more typical size for the early 20th century home.

Whether you enjoy the history or love the style of these cabinets, they were built exceptionally well and truly stand the test of time. Come into the store and check out these beautiful Sellers Hoosier cabinets today!