Stunning Eastlake Secretary

Like all great treasures at Gene’s Trading Post, this burled walnut Eastlake Secretary made us ponder many questions. One specifically was the history of this Eastlake style and how it originated? Curious too? Read on fellow antique lovers!

Eastlake furniture is known for its beauty, specifically its geometric designs and modest curves. The father of Eastlake design, Charles Lock Eastlake, started the Eastlake furniture revival during the Victorian era. He was not a fan of the Rocco Revival and Renaissance Revival styles that were so popular in the Victorian time frame. In contrast, his Eastlake style favored simple lines but unlike Mission style, it still had ornamentation and some decorative elements. Eastlake is considered one of the first designer of “modernism”, so while Eastlake designs are antiques in most cases, they blend well with all styles today.

Eastlake was even an author of multiple, popular books in his time that were dedicated to home décor.

Overall, Eastlake design is known for its partnership between beauty and strong architecture. This burled walnut Eastlake secretary exemplifies those characteristics. It’s gorgeous, while maintaining its original sturdy construction. Eastlake would be proud!