Arcade King Coffee Grinder

Recently on Facebook we showcased this beauty to see who could identify what it was and for a real challenge, it's age. Coffee grinders have come a long way in over 120 years!

This specific coffee grinder was manufactured by the Arcade manufacturing company in Illinois. Arcade had a complicated path to formation, but in 1885, three gentlemen, Edward Morgan, Charles Morgan and Albert Baumgarten, started Arcade. Their company was successful and grew quickly. In 1891, Charles Morgan's patent for the coffee grinder was granted and it appeared that the company's future was bright. Unfortunately in 1892, Arcade's manufacturing facility was burned down and the cause was never discovered. Not only was the building and all the equipment inside destroyed, 40,000 finished coffee grinders were burned as well, causing Arcade to go into huge debt.

Although it was a large setback to the company, the owners rallied and built a new facility, named the Arcade addition. By 1893, amazingly they were up running again. In 1897, Arcade introduced the first wall mounted coffee grinder, and in 1900 Charles Morgan received a patent for this new invention, named the Crystal No 1. Many variations of the Crystal line of coffee grinders were produced by Arcade over the next 50 years.

Arcade enjoyed a successful business and introduced a variety of products including children's banks, toys, home shop tools and wood working machinery. In 1946, Arcade was purchased by Rockwell Manufacturing Company, mainly for their manufacturing capabilities. Unfortunately, Rockwell did not continue manufacturing any of Arcade's products and their line of coffee grinders ended. We are proud to have one of the very first models right here in our store to carry on the legacy of Arcade.

Arcade's success with multiple patents and many, many models of coffee grinders is a testament to the undying love that Americans have with their coffee!

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