Zenith Radio:Art and Engineering

Although Zenith is no longer a house hold name, many of us remember Zenith as the leader in radios when radio was the main source of entertainment and news for many families in America. We have this beautiful 1940 Model 11S474 in our store and wanted to share it with you today.

Like so many American companies, Zenith had to endure devastating moments in American history and reinvent themselves and overcome difficulties. As the market leader for radios in the 1920’s, Zenith enjoyed the majority share for the higher end radios, specifically the $200 and above category. Given that $200 was a quite a lot of money at that time, the volume of this category was not very high. Along with the Great Depression came a difficult time for Zenith, with fewer and fewer households able to afford the luxury of a high end radio. So, in the mid 1930’s Zenith found themselves struggling and as a result created in a new line of more affordable radios. Branded the Challenger Line, these radios still had the classic styling of Zenith but were more accessible for the average American family. This beauty was produced in 1940, when Zenith had found success with this Challenger line and solidified themselves as the leader in all categories of radios. Although Zenith is a well know company, few people realize they invented the first wireless remote control, which they called “Space Command”! I know we are all thankful for that little invention.

Zenith is like many companies, continually evolving and reinventing itself to adjust to different markets and times. If you want to take a step back to 1940, come into the store and feel the smooth service of the piece of art. It will transform your day!